Damage from ants and termites

Damage from ants and termites happens together all the time.  The reason why it’s not reported more is that some people just don’t know the difference between each.

The ant and termite that we’re going to discuss is the carpenter ant and the eastern subterranean termite.  Both pests are in CT

Carpenter ants vs termites in CT

If you’ve been in the field awhile providing pest management services you’ll eventually hear someone tell you that ants and termites will never be in the same house together.  This is categorically false, kind of.

Ants and termites can be in the same structure at the same time.  The reason is that carpenter ants nest above ground in wet wood cavities.  Termites in CT on the other hand are ground dwelling and typically damage basement and crawl space framing.  As for identifying damage that either pest creates the carpenter ant will leave smooth clean galleries and termites leave damage that contains a muddy substance.

Carpenter ants using the same piece of wood as a termite

Damage from ants and termites
Live carpenter ant colony

Termites and ants definitely use the same wood, just not at the same time.  The picture of the basement framing to the left was taken this morning at a wood destroying insect inspection.  All of the framing has a muddy substance on it while the only damage is on the stud is in the middle.   The damage was created by carpenter ants and the muddy substance was created by termites.

During this inspection we also found (not pictured) live ants on the other side of the wall in a previously inaccessible crawl space.  The damage, while severe was all carpenter ant and water damage and not from termites.  This proves that damage from ants and termites can happen at the same home, just not at the same time as there were live ants, but no live termites.

If the ants and termites were there (live) together the soldiers from the termite colony and the workers pictured from the ant colony would battle to the death.

Getting a treatment for pests in Connecticut

A treatment for ants or termites can take place at any time.  The complicated part is making sure that a company identifies the damage correctly if there are no live specimens.  The reason this is so critical is because the treatment for ants vs termites is vastly different in scope and cost.  Get it done right the first time call a reputable company.

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