The best time to spray for pests

The best time to spray for pests is a two part question.  The simple answer is whenever you see pests, but the real answer is much more complicated.

The first question that must be answered is what are you trying to accomplish?  There are really only two answers.  You’re either trying to prevent a pest problem or cure a pest problem.  If you’re trying to prevent a pest problem then the best time is to time the application with when that pest is active.  Alternatively, if you’re having a current issue then do it know.

When are pests active?

CT carpenter ants
Carpenter ant climbing a wall

The activity and need for treatment will change quite frequently.  For instance in the Connecticut pest control market it wouldn’t make much sense to treat for carpenter bees in December.  It would however be a great time to apply and all natural liquid rodent repellent.

Timing of applications quarterly, monthly and bimonthly

The materials used in the pest management industry last for different periods of time.  For instance, some products degrade quickly others over a period of time.  The best companies use different products according to what season they’re in.  They use them judiciously so that pests become neither resistant or out of control.  Envirocare Pest Control provides a quarterly type service.

The best time to spray for pests yourself

Here is a fact. The vast majority if not all pesticide accidents occur when the product is either deliberately misused or used by an untrained operator.  The do it yourself market for home improvement to auto repairs is not much different than pest management.  The vast majority of homeowners can’t do a professionals job better than the professional.  There certainly are exceptions to every rule, but in general I find this to be true.  Do it yourself if you can do it correctly or hire a competent professional like Envirocare Pest Control.

Don’t hurt yourself or someone else to save a few bucks.

Best pest control service in CT
Professional pest management

The best time to spray for pests is when you’d like to protect the health and well being of your property and the people that live in it.

If you need a professional pest management service call 1-888-879-6481.  We can help