Stains from pests or grime on the siding?

Stains from pests can appear anywhere.  In some cases pests leave evidence in the form of fecal matter and that’s not even the biggest problem.  If you have siding stains you may need a pressure washer and an exterminator.

This past week I visited a problem account in Roxbury, CT.  The residents have been long term customers, but only recently had begun seeing flying squirrels within their home.  After a few visits we’ve removed about 5 flying squirrels.  We’re doing this from the inside because unfortunately we can’t use ladders outside due to snow.

On our last visit the homeowner reporting seeing a flyer inside the main living area of the home.  Having pests in the attic is one thing, but having squirrels in the dining room is quite another.

Inspection for flying squirrels

When we go to a home we’ll typically interview the homeowner and ask some basic questions that revolve around visual sightings, location or odd events.  This is so important because more often than not the occupants will reveal information about the problem that a pest control company otherwise wouldn’t have known.

In the case of this home the owner didn’t have any information beyond what we already knew. Until I was ready to start my inspection!

Since the family is part-time he asked if I could give a referral to a pressure washing company for the spring.  He was very upset that he had siding stains that he hadn’t noticed until a few weeks ago.  This was the best clue that we could get.

Stains from pests

Stains from pests
Stains from fecal matter and urine leaking through the wall

The problem with pests is that they never seem to do the same thing twice, but they do leave telltale signs of where to look every time.

In the case of this home the stains on the siding indicated flying squirrels.  As part of their biology flyers have the disgusting habit of using the latrine in the same area again and again.  Once the fecal matter becomes dense enough it mixes with urine and escapes the void it’s in.  After this the excess will leak through and form a stain.  This situation is not limited to siding, but can also happen inside on drywall.

Flying squirrels are not the only pests that make these stains it happens regularly with mice inside as well as bats both inside and out.

The Roxbury, CT home with squirrels, how are they getting in?

I can answer that after seeing the stain.  It appears that squirrels got into the roof line around the chimney.  Upon inspection we found damaged flashing that would allow this.  From there the squirrels would be able to gain access to the cathedral ceiling void near the staining.  This also would explain why they were in the living areas because the home is from the 1800’s and it’s post and beam construction.  Most post and beam construction, while beautiful has gaps around the posts going into the wall/ceiling area.  These gaps give easy access for pests into the living spaces.

The end result

Since writing this the residents are no longer seeing flyers inside their home.  They’ve also had a contractor open walls so that we could clean the fecal matter inside.

When the spring comes and we can access the chimney safely we’ll plug the area around the chimney to prevent this from happening again.

Until then all the owner can’t wait to get the siding cleaned.

If you have flying squirrels or other pests, call 1-888-879-6481.  Envirocare Pest Control can help.