Connecticut pest control services

Connecticut pest control services are being purchased by larger national companies at an alarming rate.  In fact, as of this writing more than 10 have been sold this year.  This may not seem like a lot, but it is.

Are you still dealing with a local Connecticut exterminator? Maybe, but likely not.

Local Connecticut pest control services deal with neighbors and friends

Owning a business is never easy, but one of the great things about it is that you get to do business with and make new friends.  After all most of your customers are from your local community.

If I look at a customer list at my own company I can easily pick out names that I see on a regular basis and if you’ve ever dealt with a small business you know there’s a benefit to that.  Unfortunately, that’s no longer true once the company is sold.   A large company can’t offer the personalized services the same as their smaller competitors. So how do they get around it?

The companies name doesn’t change when it’s sold, kind of sneaky

Large national brands buy smaller companies to take advantage of the customer base.  They know we have loyal customers that have been cultivated over years of great service.  However, private equity firms, national brands and public companies are not stupid. Hers’s what they do to prevent the mass exodus of customers.

When a company is purchased the name will stay the same even though the owner may be gone.  In fact, they plan on losing customers and adjust the price of the business purchase for this.

Connecticut pest control services
Husband, wife and owners of Envirocare

Who is your Connecticut pest control service owned by?  Call and ask for the owner you’ll be surprised what you get.  On the other hand if you call Envirocare Pest Control and ask for me, David Bisaillon I’ll call you back within 2 hours.

Smaller companies like Envirocare have grown up too

For those of you reading this who may have heard of Envirocare Pest Control in Connecticut we’ve grown a bit over the past 22 years.  We now offer our employees health benefits, PTO time, higher pay rates, 401K retirement plans and we’ve developed customer centric programs they will make us a leader in the coming years in the Connecticut pest control market.

I’m not against progress and it should be noted that not all national companies are bad.  I got my training from what (I think) was the best pest control company in the world 27 years ago.  However they too were bought recently for $6.75 billion.

As the owner I’d like to invite you to try one of our pest control service programs.  We provide termite control, tick and mosquito yard sprays, ant elimination and of course our patented MouseBarrier programs. We’re affordably priced, have great employees and offer all the same services as  our national competitors, just better.

And the best part is you can call and ask for me.  I’m no where near ready to retire. Won’t you give us a try.