Insulation removal is a messy business

Insulation removal and replacement is a messy business. So messy in fact that the average homeowner likely won’t want to do it themselves.  Should you replace your insulation? It depends.

The first reason to think about replacing insulation is sometimes easy to make.  How much damage have pests done?

Over the past 27 years in the pest management industry I’ve seen just about every situation possible and by far the most vile damage is caused by larger pests such as raccoons and squirrels.  This type of damage is most often seen in attics and if left unchecked will seep or fall through ceilings.

When this happens the attic insulation needs to be replaced. A contractor can either do a spot removal or a complete insulation removal.  When doing a complete removal it’s also a great time to increase your R-Value.  The increase in R-Value is a great way to save money over time. Typically when attic insulation is removed blown cellulose is the ideal product to use for replacement.

The second place people replace insulation is in the basement and it’s usually because of mice. The difference between raccoon, squirrel and mouse damage is drastic.  Mice tend to do damage over a long period of time, but in the case of larger animals it’s sudden and catastrophic.

When we visit a home that has rodent damage in the basement the option for replacement isn’t always as clear cut as from other animals.  Mice, while messy are a chronic issue and frankly many homes have mouse damage, but not everyone addresses it.  In fact, I’d say that the vast majority don’t.

However, if you choose to replace basement insulation often all of it will be removed, but not replaced in the floor.  The reason is that it may not be needed.  The cold is coming from the perimeter this is the area you’ll need to concentrated on. If done correctly you’ll end up creating a warm zone in both the basement and first floor (depending on a variety of factors).  When we provide this service we use a foam insulation.  It’s a better option than replacing with old style fiberglass.  The results both in warmth and visually are superior.

Last, keep in mind that pest control companies that offer these services are sometimes better equipped to offer a complete program.  After all what sense does insulation replacement make without getting rid of the pests?

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