Small ants in the kitchen? Big problem

Small ants in the kitchen can be a big problem especially if they’re a pavement ant.  The pavement ant is also common referred to as a sugar ant.

Small ants in the kitchen

The pavement ant is the same ant that you see during the summer time at cracks in sidewalks.  They commonly will push sand out from the crack creating a real mess.  Some people have this issue year round depending on the way their home is built. Construction, as with most pest control issues is a determining factor about how hard a pest control problem may be to solve.  This is especially true when the home or business that has pavement ants is on slab or has an abutting slab.

Large group of pavement ants feeding on sticky area of floor

In order to solve a problem with pavement ants it will be necessary to find the crack that the pest may be coming from.  This is especially difficult when the cracks may be hidden.  Small ants in the kitchen can be coming from under the cabinets, behind the stove or even from under a floor.  If you can’t see the crack solving the issue is a problem.

Ant control solutions

In some cases cracks are visible and a direct application of a liquid material into it will solve the issue.  In other more difficult cases exterminators in Connecticut will normally rely on chemistry.

Next, materials that pest control companies use to get rid of pavement ants will target the nest.  This is accomplished by the ants bringing the product back as a food in gel or granular form.  In other situations a liquid can be used to treat around the areas where the ants will contact it.  These products have a delayed effect so that it can be passed around the colony through feeding and contact.  In either event having a professional who knows which product to use is in the homeowners best interest.

Last, pavement ant is NOT wood destroying so there will be no damage.  The problem with pavement ants will be the constant foraging on the kitchen floor, in closets and pet dishes.  It’s a rare home or business owner that will tolerate 50-100 ants marching across the floor on their way to get a snack.

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