Termite treatment cost in CT

Termite treatment cost in CT can vary and there are really two main reasons why.  The first is that the products in the industry are far better than they were 20 years ago.  The second is there’s more competition.  Believe it or not these two reasons seem like a good thing, but for the consumer they can be a big bust.

The products we use

The first reason for the termite treatment cost in CT varying is the products we use.  There are brand name and generic products that have fripronil as the active ingredient.  I’ve used both and frankly they both work.  However, they’re expensive.  It should not come as a surprise that termite treatment cost is directly effected by this.  Anyone that has the internet can find out how much a company pays per bottle, but the real cost is hidden in the details.  The details in this case would be the label.

The label is the law

If you mention this phrase to any pest control company they’ll know exactly what you mean.  In CT there are pesticide laws, but methods of application are dictated by the manufacturer, not the state.  The label of most all fripronil products states that the product must be applied at 4 gallons per 10 linear foot for slabs and 4 gallons per 10 linear foot to a minimum depth of 4 ft for basement construction.  What does that all mean? It means one bottle isn’t going to cut it, but many applicators will do just that and they get away with it.  Also, there are older inferior products to fripronil that are used that don’t work as well, but they’re cheap.

The products are fantastic

Termite treatment cost is simple math.  How many gallons will it take to treat a typical home and it’s linear footage.  Not complicated stuff since one 78 oz bottle makes 100 finished gallons.  These are all facts and not subject to interpretation.  The problem is that if a company applies less (which seems like a good idea) there’s an outside chance that the treatment may work.  For some companies that’s a good bet.  The chance they’re taking is that they’ll only get a call back from a few of the homes they’ve treated.  Great unless one of the call backs is your home.

Some experience 

In CT the competition in the pest control industry is fierce and many new companies have entered the market.  I’m all for competition, but did you know that in CT as long as you pass an oral and written exam you can start a pest control company?  There is no actual field experience required!!  I was never so aware of this as I was last summer when we were called into a home that was treated by another company ( a larger competitor).  They used a product with fripronil, but the technical portion was so bad that at first I thought is was a do it yourself job.

Experience counts and also adds to a termite treatment cost.

So, how much is a termite treatment in CT?  Expect to pay somewhere between $6-$10 per linear foot depending on the job.  Again, not complicated stuff, but the details matter!

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