Black carpenter ants in your home

Black carpenter ants in your home is definitely an issue that needs to be attended to.  However, did you know that not all carpenter ants are black?  This color variation sometimes makes a difference as to where they’re nesting within your home.

Different colors appear to matter

The most common color that people associate with this pest with is a jet black body.  The problem is that in some cases there are colonies that are black and red as well as black and silver.  I’ve been in the pest control industry for 27 years and in that time the ants which appear black and red have one common denominator.  Heavy moisture. There doesn’t appear to be any difference with black and silver.

The fact that moisture is needed for a colony is well documented.  This fact is taught to all pest controllers on the first day of training.  Now, certainly there are exceptions as some satellite colonies are perfectly happy in a dry wall void, but historically moisture is needed.

In my experience when searching for an ant colony they’re usually found in window frames, door frames, under insulation and similar areas.  The experience is different though when a clear visual difference in color is detected.  The ants with a black body and red stripes on the abdomen appear to gravitate to areas of very heavy moisture.  I’ve often been able to find colonies in old tree stumps, severely water damaged door frames and window frames.

Making sure they’re gone

Once a colony is found the act of exterminating the colony is the same.  A treatment will consist of a spray that will kill on contact as well as possibly drilling into a wall cavity and using a waterproof insecticidal dust.  Last and most importantly a preventative foundation treatment will keep additional ants from returning.

In order to get rid of a pest issue the source always needs to be found.  The professional will spend 80% of his/her time inspecting and only 20% of their time treating.

Do you need help?

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