Mouse exterminator in Ct: Lots of mice

A mouse exterminator in Ct is a good person to know because mice are now a year round problem.  In years past mice used to be only a seasonal issue beginning in September and ending in March.  Now, you likely need a mouse exterminator in Ct year round because the activity level is so high.

Times are changing and so is the landscape…..or is it?  Some things are universal

If you live in a wooded town like Southbury, Watertown, Woodbury or Roxbury Ct mice are everywhere and since I live nearby I know the area quite well.

Your home is likely surrounded by sheds, woodpiles, fruit trees, leaves, lots of flower beds and maybe you even a few bird feeders.  You should know that it’s not just the woods bringing mice to your door. Every one of these conditions can lead to a problem with rodents.  After all mice are a living organism.  They need food, water and shelter.  A good mouse exterminator in Ct should be able to point out conducive conditions in your yard that are helping mice thrive.  Here are a few areas attracting mice.

  1. Sheds and decks:  Shed doors historically don’t close well in fact most mice just walk right in either between the two doors and just beneath.  However,  just closing the door is only half the battle.  There should be a barrier around the shed or deck that discourages mice from going underneath.
  2. Bird seed:  If you were a mouse and you saw all the bird food beneath an exterior feeder wouldn’t you want some?  Feeding birds is a great hobby, but the area beneath the feeder occasionally needs to be cleaned.
  3. Fruit trees: There isn’t a lot to say here except if you don’t eat all the fruit that falls to the ground you’re feeding rodents. Someone needs to pick up all the fruit on the ground after the season is over.  The same goes for what’s left of the summer garden
  4. Flower beds:  The more overgrown and dense your flower beds are the more places mice have to hide.
  5. Wood piles:  Wood piles or as I like to call them mouse condos need to be depleted yearly.  Leaving a permanent wood pile in your yard is not a good idea.
  6. Abandoned cars, yard storage etc:  If you give rodents a reason to come close to your home I’m willing to guarantee they eventually find where you’re living.  In the interim the storage in your yard is a great place to hang out.

Mice and the weather?

Have you noticed that the weather in Ct has been really strange over the past few years? There are some days when it’s been abnormally cold while others have been abnormally warm.  We’ve had drought as well as abundant rain.  Whether these are the exact reasons that you have mice I don’t know, but I can tell you that if you’re looking for an adaptable creature then a mouse is the right pick.

The deer mouse and to a lesser extent the house mouse are known for their ability to survive cold winters, but what about when it’s a warmer winter and food, water and shelter are plentiful?  It seems fairly obvious a mouse population would have the ability to thrive under these conditions.  This may potentially be a reason (among others) why mice are now a year round business. There’s just a lot more of them.  If you couple this with the amazing reproductive rate that rodents have no wonder mice are a year round problem.

Mice are getting smarter

This is going to be controversial, but I believe it to be true.  The average mouse is adapting to our control methods.  In the past all 1st year exterminators were taught that mice are curious and rats are shy.  The theory goes that house and deer mice will readily check out new things in their environment.  So, if you put out a snap trap today there’s a strong likelihood that a curious mouse would be caught tomorrow. The problem is some mice didn’t get the memo!

As of late many exterminators have to take into account that not all mice are easy to catch.  This may be a reason why a mouse exterminator in Ct in very busy.  This day and age mouse control in some homes needs to be done like rat control.  The difference between rat and mouse control is that rats are shy and need to warm up to an unset trap and get food from it first. After the rat takes the food they’ll be back and they’ll be easier to catch.  I’ve found that mice are beginning to act the same way.  Our company has had several “problem” accounts that were solved by approaching the problem as if it were rats.

Suburban sprawl

Location, location, location.  The inner city has grown, but so have the suburbs.  We now have more homes built in the middle of the woods, just take a look around your town and notice the new subdivisions. They all have one thing in common.  In order to put up the new home the builder must clear a certain amount of the surrounding land.  This removal takes away all the natural places where mice typically would have been found.  It only stands to reason that if there’s no place left to go a mouse will adapt and live with you. Right?

In closing the reason mice are a year round problem may be weather, conducive conditions in your yard, smarter mice, suburban sprawl or all of the above, but the fact remains that mice, and a lot of them, are here to stay.

A mouse exterminator in Ct has many things to worry about, but a lack of work isn’t one.

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