How to kill hornets?: Is it worth the risk?

So, you want to know how to kill hornets, in particular the bald faced hornet? I’ll be glad to give you the information you desire, but is the risk worth it?  We all know the scenario, you wake up one day and seemingly overnight there’s a nest the size of a basketball in a nearby tree.  The average homeowner then runs to Home Depot and picks up some insecticide and off they go on the warpath.   In my experience this never ends well.

Bald faced hornet

The bald faced hornet is super aggressive and won’t hesitate to vigorously defend the colony.  I myself have been chased across a yard a few times in the past.  However, if you know how to kill hornets it need not be like this.

How to kill hornets like a professional 

  1. Make sure that if you don’t have a protective bee suit and veil that you’re doing the treatment at night.  Don’t climb a ladder at night with or without bee protection.
  2. Be sure that the spray that you’re using doesn’t have petroleum distillates as an ingredient.  This material will stain siding permanently.
  3. When making the application be sure to spray the material directly into and around the hole in the nest.
  4. After the application wait until daylight to remove the nest.

Nest removal

Knowing how to kill hornets is only half the battle.  The next problem is actually more troublesome, but not as dangerous.  When bald faced hornets build a nest they’ll either attach the nest to the side of a home or into a bush such as a rhododendron.

If the nest is in a bush be careful not to destroy the bush by excessively over cutting.  Be sure to only detach the branch to which the nest is tangled.

If the hornets attach to vinyl and wood siding, scrape the nest down. The remaining residue will then need to be power washed off as it will stick to the siding.  If the nest is up high this will not be a simple task. This may be a perfect time to have the home cleaned or painted by a professional.

Many people want to know how to kill hornets and it’s certainly possible, but the average cost of professional hornet removal is relatively inexpensive.  Is it really worth the aggravation to do it yourself?

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