Bat season in CT: Do you have bats?

Did you know there’s actually something called bat season in CT?  In fact, most good pest control companies will only do bat work during specific times of the year.  The reason is that bats are a much needed part of our ecosystem and killing them isn’t necessary.

Bat season in Ct can be defined as April, May, June (until the 15th) and then August, September and October.  The reason there are specific dates is that different bats have different habits during bat season in Ct.  For instance, little brown bats are unlikely to spend the winters in attics while the big brown bat will do exactly that.  Also, bats are known to have flightless young in the months of June and July that are maturing in your attic.  Not until August will they begin to fend for themselves.

Now, I understand that as a homeowner you may not care about bat season you just want them gone.  However, the consequences of sealing bats into a home is greater than the risk posed by leaving them there a bit longer and doing it correctly.

Decreasing bat populations in CT

A few years ago a fungal disease affecting bats was found that was effectively killing bats in their winter tabernacles.  To date bat populations have rebounded a bit, but keeping them alive is important.

Did you know that bats can eat thousands of flying insects per night?  Imagine a world where the only way to kill mosquitoes was with a pesticide.  Bats are a natural predator that needs to be kept alive.

How to get bats out safely?

The process of a bat exclusion can be tedious and is separated into 3 parts. It starts with identifying all the areas where bats are gaining entrance into the home.  Once found a temporary device called a one way door is placed over the hole.  The one way door will allow bats to exit at night, but not reenter the structure.  This process will “empty” your home of all existing bats.

Next, your pest control provider needs to seal every area at the roof line (and other areas) that are about the width of a small finger.  As you might imagine this can be difficult, but if done correctly it will last years and be almost invisible from the ground.

Last, approximately 7-10 days later another trip is required to remove the one way doors and seal the entry.  Once this is complete bat season in CT is done at your home for good.

Bat work is not easy and for sure not every company wants to be bothered, but if you have questions about bats or need a bat exclusion call Envirocare Pest Control, LLC.  We can be reached at 1-888-879-6481.

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