Gutter cleaning: How are pests related

Gutter cleaning in Ct is important, but how is this related to pest control?  Everyone in Ct knows that cleaning their gutters is a must in the spring and fall.  The problem is most people do it just to clear the gutter of leaves.  As a pest control company that offers gutter cleaning and gutter guards we know that’s not the only reason.

Every year we get calls from homeowners that have wasp, ant and mosquito problems.  Unfortunately many of these issues are related to poorly cleaned and clogged gutters.  The following is how gutters relate to pest control and what to do about it.

Clogged gutters

For years people have been inventing ways to unclog gutters that have become filled with leaves.  The reason is that clogged gutters trap water.  Once the water is trapped and has nowhere to go it will find the path of least resistance.  This path typically leads to water damage to the fascia board as well as the roof line.  If water is left in the gutters over the winter it can also lead to ice dams and interior damage to walls and framing.  This invasion of water can allow an easy place for mosquitoes to breed as well as give carpenter ants the moisture they need for setting up a colony.  Carpenter ants as well as mosquitoes thrive in moist environments that clogged gutters inadvertently create.

Uncapped gutters

The natural progression of clogged gutters leads to gutter cleaning, which in turn leads to the installation of gutter guards.  The best gutter guards will be thin enough to prevent things like leaves, seeds and pine needles from entering, but durable enough to hold a snow load.  Another under utilized benefit of gutter guards is to deny hornets a nesting area.  Every year we have homeowners that call about hornets in their gutters.  The problem with this is that the average pest control service person typically doesn’t carry a ladder capable of reaching these areas.  Furthermore, having someone on a 20 ft ladder with hornets buzzing around is a safety issue.  Having regular gutter cleaning or capping done in the spring, early summer and late fall negates this issue.

Gutter cleaning and capping in Ct is a necessary service with benefits that far outweigh the initial one-time cost.

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