Bugs that look like ants: Have you seen any?

Bugs that look like ants are a common complaint that we get at our office.  The reason is that there are many insects that not only look like ants, but termites as well.  The most common mistaken identity comes with the following pests.


Termites are probably the most misidentified pest of all.  The reason is that reproductive termites have wings, but so do all reproductive ants. Termites have four wings all of equal length, which they lose when they swarm. Below is what a common eastern subterranean termite with wings looks like.

Envirocare termites
Termites with wings

The picture below shows worker termites. These insects also look like ants. Both are common in CT.

Bugs that look like ants
Worker termites

Stone flies

This is a commonly misidentified pest.  It’s called a stone fly.  The common stone fly is very long and slender.  Their eggs are laid in the water where young stone flies spend the first portion of their life.  They are a boom to the ecosystem as they are a food source for frogs and fish.  Many homeowners call because the stone fly is truly one of those bugs that looks like an ant when in fact they are not.  Stone flies do no damage and will likely disappear on their own.

Common stone fly

Carpenter ants

The carpenter ant in Ct is also commonly misidentified.  The reason is that many people assume that carpenter ants are all robust looking ants.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  In fact, carpenter ants come in all shapes and sizes just like people.  In the carpenter ant world individuals are broken down into major and minor workers.  The major workers are large and well fed.  As for the minor workers they’re smaller and are typically the first ants in the brood.  The picture below is of a carpenter ant major worker.

Carpenter ant major workers

Many times in the pest control industry the internet is both a help and a harm.  In this day and age anyone can look up a picture and misidentify a pest.  Sometimes it would just be easier to call a pest control company and get a positive identification from the start.

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