Carpenter ant nest in a wall

So, you think you have a carpenter ant nest in a wall, now what?  It’s a common issue that most homeowners at one time or another will encounter, but what signs should you look for?

A carpenter ant nest in a wall isn’t like a wasp nest.  The reason is that the hollow void that they’re in is the nest.  The colony may be either a main nest or a satellite colony, which one you have isn’t important.  A few things to look for when diagnosing whether you have a carpenter ant nest in a wall are frass and the noise carpenter ants make.


This material can look just like sawdust to the untrained eye.  However, since carpenter ants don’t actually eat wood the sawdust contains a few extra things to look for.  First, carpenter ant frass will be found close to where the nest is located.  In fact, sometimes you can actually see the ants walking and depositing the material from the nest.  Second, carpenter ant frass most often has the consistency of pencil shavings from a pencil sharpener.  Last, contained within carpenter ant frass will be bits and pieces of other insects. Carpenter ant frass is the garbage from the nest.

Noises from a carpenter ant nest in a wall

The noise that carpenter ants make when nesting in a wall is the holy grail of finding a colony.  The noise is unmistakable, its sounds very similar to what crinkling a piece of paper sounds like.  This crinkling paper noise is actually the ants clicking their mandibles together.  If you hear this look no farther you’ve found the nest.

You found the nest, now what?

Unfortunately, once you’ve found the nest your job is only half done.  Now you have to get rid of them.  In order to accomplish this you may want to call a professional.  The reason is that it will take a insecticidal dust applied with a specialized hand applicator to accomplish.  To date your local hardware store doesn’t carry this type of equipment.  However, it’s standard issue for most all professionals.

What will a professional do?

Once a nest is located a professional will make a series of small drill holes into the nesting area.  After this is complete the holes are treated and neatly filled.  If your professional was successful you will see immediate results. No more ants!

If you have a carpenter ant nest in a wall call Envirocare Pest Control at 1-888-879-6481.  We can help.

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