Ants in Connecticut: Envirocare Pest Control Has Solutions

Ants in CT can be a headache to deal with, but in CT we’re lucky we only have a few species.

Every year around the April-June time frame our phone rings with CT homeowners that are having big problems with ants.  While we deal with all ant species the carpenter ant is by far and away the most prevalent.

Locations in CT where ants like to be

If you’re from CT then you know that the vast majority of homes are tucked into the woods.  This is especially true in areas such as Watertown, Southbury, Woodbury and the surrounding towns.  It should come as no surprise that homes in these areas have the worst carpenter ant problems.

Luckily, the carpenter ant does some fairly typical things in all homes that they infest.  They’ll nest in and around areas of moisture such as window, door and garage frames, but can be found in dry voids as well.  The key to controlling all ants in CT starts with proper identification.  Once this is complete a control plan can be put into place.  The fortunate thing about ants in CT is that the materials professionals have at their disposal work quite well.

Carpenter ant treatment

The perfect ant service starts with a client interview to see where ants are being found, followed by an inspection and ends with a treatment.  The carpenter ant treatment is actually the easiest portion of a service; finding the nest is the problem.

When providing a carpenter ant treatment the professional will focus on treating the exterior foundation, interior cracks and crevices and most importantly inside wall cavities.  Of the three treating wall cavities with specially formulated dusts is the key to a complete treatment.

Providing elimination of ants in CT is definitely challenging, but with a bit of know how it’s possible.

If you’re living with ants and need help contact Envirocare Pest Control at 1-888-879-6481.  We can help.