Signs of termites: Do you really have them?

Signs of termites in your home can be upsetting, but are you sure what you’re looking at are really termites?  Over the past 25 years I’ve inspected 1000’s of homes for termites.  In that time many people who thought they had termites actually had an unrelated pest issue. In fact, many of the issues we encounter today are based upon misidentification from looking on the internet.

Here are the top three misidentification issues exterminators in Ct encounter as related to termites:

You see saw dust

If you see sawdust and you live in Ct what you’re seeing is definitely not one of the signs of termites.  The reason is that termites native to Ct don’t create saw dust.  What you’re likely dealing with is either a carpenter ant issue or a carpenter bee issue.  These two pests create sawdust called frass.  A professional can easily identify which issue you’re having, many times over the phone.

You see bugs with wings

It may be a shock to hear this, but not only do termites have wings in their reproductive phase, but so do all ants.  The difference between a termite with wings and and an ant with wings is that all ants have three body sections where as termites have two.  Also, although ants and termites both have wings the wings look completely different.

A termite has 4 wings all of equal size and shape which appear clear in color.  Ants also have 4 wings, but two are long and two are short the colors vary from clear to a tan.  If you see ants with wings don’t panic.

You see damaged wood

Of all the signs of termites this is likely the most confusing.  The reason is that many people panic when any damage occurs to their home (rightfully so), but here’s the problem.  There’s a big difference between carpenter ant damage and termite damage.  Carpenter ant damage has large smooth galleries where as termite galleries are filled with a muddy substance.

Whenever you see signs of termites in your home it’s worth it to get a professionals opinion.  However, don’t believe everything you read on the internet until someone with some expertise confirms your suspicions.

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