Keeping mice out of the house permanently

Keeping mice out of the house permanently is the goal of a rodent exclusion.  However, most pest control companies only provide rodent control.  The difference between the two is worth talking about.

Control vs Exclusion

So, what is rodent control?  In general it’s exactly what it sounds like.  The company is going to control the mice.  The service will include traps, interior baits and MAYBE blocking up a few obvious holes.  The problem with rodent control is that there will be very little attempt at keeping mice out of the house permanently.  The average mouse whether it’s a deer mouse or a house mouse only needs about the diameter of a pencil to get in.  How many holes beyond the obvious do you have that may allow rodents in?  My bet is quite a few.

Keep mice out of the house permanently

The fact that there’s a way to keep rodents out of the house permanently should make you curious.  The reason is that not many companies do it, let alone a give a warranty.  The perfect rodent exclusion should include complete coverage of the perimeter foundation with the permanent installation of a rodent proof material.  This is especially true if the mice are in the basement.

Next, since all rodents have the ability to climb all areas leading to the attic such as siding corners, roof lines, chimney frames, dormers and ridge vent ends need to be excluded. Skipping any of these areas will easily allow rodents back in.

Last, before any permanent exterior exclusion takes place the interior should be emptied of rodents.  The easiest way to do this is with a mass trapping.  This too is exactly as it sounds.  The pest control company should enter the home and place as many traps as possible in the problem areas and follow up weekly until no more mice are present.  Only after this is complete can a real exclusion begin.

Rodent control is actually easy if the company you’re using knows what they’re doing.  If you need permanent rodent control call Envirocare Pest Control at 1-888-879-6481.