Termite damage and homeowners insurance

Termite damage and homeowners insurance are two terms that don’t go together very well.  The reason is that most insurance companies wont’ cover initial termite damage to a home.  I know that may seem unfair, but it’s a fairly common practice among most all insurance companies.  Read on to find out why.

Every year termites do more damage than fire, flood and wind combined.  That’s over $5 billion in termite damage each and every year.  Termites are an enormous threat to your home, but one that is quite common.  I can only speak for the Northeastern portion of the United States as our company is located in CT, but every year our phones ring off the hook with new termite work.  Termites are so common in fact that the pest control industry as a whole continues double digit growth year after year.  Termites eat wood and that’s what people make homes out of.  A problem to say the least.

Experts in termite damage and homeowners insurance companies have two very different ways of looking at things.  I’m not an insurance agent, but typically speaking insurance is reserved for things that are sudden and catastrophic.  Termite damage can be catastrophic, but it isn’t sudden.  Termites are a chronic problem that typically festers for years before something is done.  The reason is that many people don’t know what they’re looking for.  Once they figure out something is wrong. The damage has already been done.

A sure way of avoiding termite damage and homeowners insurance conflicts would be to have a termite inspection on a yearly basis.  A trained termite inspector knows exactly what to look for. What might not be obvious to you may be all in a days work for a good inspector.

Another way to help yourself once you find out that you’re in need of termite control is to pick the right company.  I’m bias, but I think the best companies are small to medium sized companies like Envirocare Pest Control, LLC.  We’re part of your community.  We live in and work in the same area. We have a vested interest in doing a great job the first time.

Termite damage and home insurance policies may not go together, but termites aren’t going away anytime soon so having a termite inspection annually is your bet.

If you need a termite treatment please call 1-888-879-6481.  We’d like to help.

(Please follow-up with your insurance company as we are not homeowners insurance agents)