CT termite inspection

So, you’re buying a home and now it’s time to get inspections in order. First, congratulations! Now, what kind of inspections should you have? Certainly at the top of the list is a good inspection for the following items:

  • Heat
  • Electric
  • Structural
  • Roof
  • Water, radon and septic

Next, you really need to think about a CT termite inspection. The reason is that many people in CT believe that termites are not a significant issue due to our harsh winters. This a myth, we actually have a lot of termite activity in CT. In fact, even small pest control companies will complete an average of 50-100 termite treatments per year.

Who provides a CT termite inspection?

Next, now that you’re armed with this knowledge what can you expect? If you call a good home inspector many will include a termite inspection along with their inspection. The best home inspectors actually subcontract this work out to a reliable pest control company.

A good pest control company can typically identify termite activity and recommend the correct steps for treatment on the spot. You can also expect an explanation of how the termites are getting in as well as a cost for treatment. The only thing that you’re unlikely to get is a statement as to whether the damage found is a structural issue. This statement must come from the home inspector.

After getting a good termite inspection there are still a few more things that you need to know about a CT termite inspection. They’re as follows:

  1. The inspection is non taxable
  2. FHA and VA loans are stringent and typically require the NPMA 33 form
  3. If termites are found it’s “customary” for the homeowner to pay for treament
  4. The seller must pay for the inspection on a VA loan

CT termite inspection cost
The cost of a CT termite inspection is going to vary from company to company, but on average expect to pay from $75 to $300. You can also expect that some companies won’t even provide this type of service so plan ahead.

Last, you should know that the home you’re selling may also have a termite inspection done by the people purchasing it. It’s a good idea to contact a local pest control company before you sell to see if you may have issues of your own to take care of.

Envirocare Pest Control, LLC is a full-service Ct pest control company. If you need a termite inspection or treatment we’d be happy to help. Our termite inspections are affordable and well worth the investment. We can be reached at 1-888-879-6481.