Mice in your house?

Mice in your house is a common problem. Most people go for years with mice in their house and never quite figure out how mice are getting in. To make matters worse there are now companies offering rodent exclusion services that cost thousands of dollars and promise to get rid of mice forever (no one can do this, there are to many variables).

We don’t think it should cost thousands to figure out how mice are getting into your house.  So, we’re giving you the areas  mice get into your home for free.

Mice in general are very able creatures. Mice that get into your house have the ability to climb, dig, jump, survive elevated falls and fit through holes the size of a dime. However, even with all that against you there are some common areas they get in.

Mice in your house enter from these areas

The open garage door: Even if you don’t leave your garage open a mouse can fit under a poorly sealed weatherstrip. If the weatherstripping is good they’ll chew through the sides. Make sure both are in good condition.

2. Utility penetrations: It’s great to have central air, but the 3″ hole for the 2″ pipe that was drilled into the side of your home can be a common entrance area. The same goes for oil tank penetrations, electric and gas.

3. Fireplace: Attic mice climb the sides from the exterior.

4. Older construction: Homes with stone foundation are notorious for mice. The reason is that nothing is quite square.

5. Basement doors: Many people especially in CT have basement hatch doors. The older version of this hatch door never closes tightly and allows mice access into your home.

What to do after areas are identified

After finding the most obvious areas where mice are getting into your home the next step is plugging the holes.  Our company uses a copper mesh to plug holes.  If done correctly the mesh will not rust and last forever.

You need help

Our company can help if this task seems to be to much or you don’t have time.  Our rodent exclusion services are affordable and done in a workman like manner.  If you need our help with mice in your house call 1-888-879-6481