Termite inspections

Termite inspections are among the hardest things a pest control company will do.  The liability for termite inspections can be high.  So high in fact many companies won’t provide the service.  The average termite inspection cost will range form $90 to $300.  What you’ll get for this money varies from one company to another.

Why are termite inspections so hard?

Providing termite inspection services can be hard for several reasons.  The first and most obvious is staffing.  The average pest control company gets many inquires per day for termite inspections.  The vast majority are due to a real estate transactions and covering all of them with experienced staff is difficult.  The last thing a company wants to do is send out an inexperienced inspector.  Those who do so do it at their own peril.

To become an experienced termite inspector it takes many months of repetition.  During this time good companies want their inspectors to see all the situations they may encounter on a daily basis.  This is not an easy task because in the beginning two staff members will be required.  Depending on the size of the company this may not even be possible.

Lived in homes are hard to inspect

Another reason these inspections are difficult is that most homes are occupied.  An occupied home can be a nightmare to inspect.  The homeowners may have excessive storage and signs of termites can be hidden.  The attached picture is a perfect example.  There are termites in this picture can you find them?

Termite tubes
Hidden termite mud tube

I completed this inspection recently in Cheshire, CT.  I happen to move something and down at the bottom of the wall a termite mud tube was present.  If you can’t find it the evidence is in the middle on the wall between the two planks.  I got lucky and I have 25 years of experience.  Not an easy job.

Who to hire for termite inspections? 

There’s no easy answer to this, but I’d say that at a minimum the person doing the inspection should have completed at least 50 inspections or more on their own.  That amount of inspections should have allowed the inspector to see everything.

Ask a friend.  The amount of homes that have changed hands in the past 10 years around the United States is staggering. You’re likely to have a friend that had a termite inspection in the recent past.

Last, ask a realtor or a home inspector.  They’ll typically have a list of people they’ve used in the past.

If you need a termite inspection in CT and don’t know who to call try Envirocare Pest Control, LLC.  We’ve got experienced staff members and our company has completed 1000’s of successful termite inspections.  Our prices are fair and the service is top notch.