Dead mouse in wall

Dead mouse issues, we all have them.   The odor can linger for days and sometimes weeks.  At our office we had our own experience with a dead mouse and here’s how we approached it.

The first, and most obvious was candles and Lysol.  Unfortunately all this did was mask the odor.  Instead of having just a dead mouse odor we had the fresh beach scent of the candle and Lysol.  Not a good combination.

The second idea was to purchase an odor bag that claims to attack and remove the odors within a 15 sq ft area.  Still no relief.

The last option solved the problem.  We actually opened the wall.  One of our service people cut a 3 ft by 10 ft access panel and there he was sitting at the bottom of an interior wall.  Now, this was an extreme solution and to be honest I wasn’t real happy about it.  The cost to do this was exorbitant.

What could we have done differently 

In retrospect when we first purchased the building we should have done a rodent exclusion.  The problem was that we were so busy fixing other peoples problems we neglected our own.  When we finally got around to doing a full rodent exclusion we significantly cut down on the amount of rodents being caught in traps.

Our official count before the rodent exclusion was 20 in a two month period.  We were able to knock that down to 5.  Not perfect, but a step in the right direction.

What did we do

The rodent exclusion we provided to our building was easier than that of a normal farm house.  The reason is that our building had a complete rehab.  The typical farm house built in 1800 would be far more difficult if not impossible to do.

The main areas to stop rodents before they get in are at the garage weather stripping, exterior corners, utility entrances, chimney frames and dormers.  In our particular case we found a small hole at the pipe leading into the basement from the outside at the central air conditioning condenser.

Finally, a dead rodent smell is awful.  I’ve been there personally.  The key to getting rid of it is to take extreme measures as we did or prevent it from happening in the first place.

If you have mice and want to get rid of them call 1-888-879-6481.  We can help.