Mice in walls can be a problem

Mice in walls can be a common problem that happens everyday.  The reason is that mice have become a much more prolific problem over the years.  The population of mice and other rodents has increased due to warmer winters.  Without the cold winter to provide some type of winter kill rodents are able to breed and survive at a much higher rate.

So, why do you have mice in your walls? Are they actually mice?  Read on.

The first and most obvious reason for mice in walls is that they’ve set up a cozy hiding spot. Think about this.  If mice on the outside of a home can survive in a stone wall through the winter then living in an exterior wall of your home is a piece of cake.  Typically mouse nests are set up in basement and attic insulation or exterior walls.

The second reason for mice in walls is that they fall in and simply can’t get out.  This is the most typical situation and the complaint we hear most often. This problem normally happens on interior walls.  Mice are nocturnal, you’ll hear them scratching in the walls attempting to get out and sadly many times they can’t.

The third reason for noises like scratching in the walls of your home is that it may not be a mouse at all.  We receive many calls per year like this.  Many times the scratching being heard can be attributed to tree branches rubbing against the house and other times it’s a different animal all together like a flying squirrel.

The last reason for mice in walls is that they’re nesting and have the ability to get out, but they don’t want to.  The scratching from mice in walls can be attributed to them going about their daily mouse business in the middle of the night.

Getting them out!!

Mice in walls can be a difficult problem solve for both the homeowner and the professional.  Mice in walls are caught in one of only a few ways.

  1. Cut open the wall.  I’ve seen this done many times with no luck.  It’s difficult to know exactly where to cut
  2. Set baits and traps in other areas where the mice in your walls will find it on their daily travels
  3. Cut a small hole in a wall. Insert a folded piece of cardboard that’s fashioned into a tunnel.   The tunnel will be supported by the size of the hole .  Once this is done set a baited mouse snap trap in the tunnel and voila the next morning you’ll likely have caught the mouse in your walls.  This technique is mainly for exterior walls.

Mice in walls can be a disturbing problem.  The quicker the problem is solved the quicker you’ll be able to get some sleep.

You’ve taken care of the mice. What about those pesky summer ants?

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