Signs of wasp nests

Signs of wasp nests can range from the obvious to the down right dangerous.  This is especially true for children and those who are allergic.

What’s the difference and when do you need a professional if you see a sign of wasp nests.  I’m choosing to tell you about the most dangerous signs of wasp nests first before you lose interest and stop reading.

Each year millions of people see wasps in their home.  It can happen at anytime of year and typically this event is not a big deal.  However, if you see signs of wasp nests inside late in the summer beware.  The reason is that you may actually have yellow jackets nesting in the walls or chimney or your home.  For the allergic person this can be a life ending event.  What happens if you get stung and no one else is home or you’re sleeping?

If you see wasps in your house in August or September you should immediately go outside and take a walk around the home if it’s a bright sunny day.  What you’re looking for are wasps flying around the home or coming and going from an area around the roof line.  Assuming you see this activity  go inside directly adjacent to this area then look and listen near the wall.

Yellow jackets build nests in wall cavities.  When they do this they’ll leave a “wet spot” or soft spot on the wall.  Don’t touch it, just make note of it and call a professional.

You can also hear signs of wasp nests.  The typical noise sounds like a faint tapping or buzzing.  If you hear this call a professional.  Don’t try to be a hero and wait until nighttime to spray and plug the hole.  This will only make your signs of a wasp nest an emergency and harder to get rid of.

Other signs of wasp nests?

How about seeing paper wasps under the roof line?  Paper wasps aren’t typically an interior problem like yellow jackets and I’d actually encourage you to wait until nighttime and spray these.  In general the only person likely to be stung by a paper wasp is the guy painting your house.

If your afraid to attempt the extermination, call a professional

Now that you’ve taken care of those pesky wasps what about the ants?

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