Termite mud tubes: CT termite control

Termite mud tubes are by far the most common sign of termites.  Especially the eastern subterranean termite as it’s the only termite we have in CT.  The subterranean termite is very elusive and if you don’t know what you’re looking for it’s mud tubes can be hard to find.  Once found though you’ll need to know how they got there.  This is where a professional pest management company like Envirocare Pest Control can help.

Over the years we’ve seen many homes with termite mud tubes, but none are harder to treat than those associated with stone foundations.  The problem with stone foundations in CT (of which there are a lot) is that the old builders used to build them both with and without mortar.

stone and mortar foundation

If the foundation is a dry stack type the liquid material we use can flow through.  On the other hand a mortar foundation as pictured to the left creates numerous voids where termites can enter.  The second picture bottom is what happens when a house with stone foundation has termites.  Those brown stripes are termite mud tubes, break them open and you’ll see live termites.

You have termites, now what?

Once you find termites you really need to call a professional.  I’m a believer in saving money by doing projects myself. However, if it can’t be done correctly then it’s time to call someone.  Typically, termite inspections for a home that has termites will be free.  Our company can tell you exactly why you have termites and where they’re coming from.

In the case pictured the problem was obvious.  Not all houses will be this easy.

No matter what type of foundation you have Envirocare Pest Control can help. Please call 1-888-879-6481 or email us at http://envirocarepestcontrol.net/contact/

termite mud tube
This termite mud tube came directly through the mortar