CT mosquito control

CT mosquito control  is a service that’s become more in demand.  The reason is that up until the last few years many homeowners were unaware that spraying a yard for mosquitoes was possible.  The second reason is that the Zika virus has become a viable threat to most of North America.

An effective CT mosquito control service relies not only on the application of labeled products, but it also involves alot of prevention and proper ID.  Ct mosquito control companies are often asked to provide services for pests that simply “spraying” may not take care of.  The most likely of these pests that are hard to control are deer flies and black flies.

Deer flies may be found around swampy areas where there’s a lot of dense vegetation, but the good news is that the life cycle is very short.  Black flies are also hard to control because there life cycle actually takes place in running water.  Spraying running water or adding BTI to the area is not an option.  A CT mosquito control company may be able give you some relief, but it will be short lived.

As for true mosquitoes an once of prevention goes along way.  The average homeowner expects that their mosquito control company will spray the yard and that the mosquitoes will be gone. This is obviously the ideal scenario, but there are things the homeowner must do to help the process.  Remember mosquitoes need water to begin the life cycle.  Without it nothing happens.  Here are a few tips to help your mosquito provider give you the best service possible.

  1. Eliminate standing water by turning over toys, wheel barrows etc that may  hold water
  2. Clean clogged gutters that may trap water and let it sit
  3. Remove dense vegetation from around the house
  4. Be prepared for your service by closing windows, removing yard toys and keeping kids and pests during the service and for about a 1/2 hour after

Pesticides either natural or synthetic are a natural part of mosquito control, but relying on their use as a sole means of control is a mistake.

That’s how you can prevent mosquitoes. Now what about those deer ticks?

If you need tick or mosquito yard spraying call Envirocare Pest Control, LLC at 1-888-879-6481