Tick treatment options

Tick treatment options vary from company to company and depending on who you talk to they’re mostly all successful.  Everyone in the tick control industry is going to tell you that their tick treatment option is the best.  The fact is that as long as label directions are followed most all treatments will kill ticks. The best tick treatment option is the one that works for your particular yard.  Here are the most popular options in no specific order.

High pressure yard spray

This option has been around the longest.  Essentially the company will come to your home with a large tank filled with a particular product and treat the yard perimeter with many gallons of diluted pesticide.  This tick treatment option use the pressure of the water to move around leaves and get into the woods where ticks hide.

Mist blower treatment

Tick control with a mist blower is growing in popularity as a good tick treatment option.  The reason is that you can simultaneously treat the yard for mosquitoes and ticks. When using a mist blower the machine will blow a fine mist into the woods and trees.  The power of the blower will turn over leaves that are on the ground to get to tick hiding spots.  There’s also less operator fatigue with a mist blower on long hot summer days.

Bait stations

Another option that exists in some states is a bait station that kills nymph stage ticks while they’re feeding on rodents.  The stations are secured to the ground around the perimeter of the yard where rodents are likely to be found.  Once a rodent enters the station to feed on the bait they rub against a wick.  This wick is treated with a pesticide that coats the skin and kills ticks.  Think of it almost like a flea collar.

All the preceding methods of tick treatment work.  The real choice is the company doing the treatment.

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