Termites in a basement beam

Termites in a basement beam is actually one of the most common issue that we find in the CT pest control industry. In fact termites in a basement beam can be narrowed down to a few “most likely” areas. If you know what you’re looking for finding termites is easy. However, if you’re wrong the damage that termites can cause can prove to be very expensive.

The first area to find termites in a basement is behind the front door stoop. Although concrete stoops appear to be attached to the house, they’re actually not. What termites will do is build a shelter tube up the side of the foundation behind the stoop. Once this happens the next stop is the sill plate. Termites will feed in this area then slowly into the beams or floor joists. Not good!

The next area to find termites in a basement would be adjacent to where siding reaches the ground. Siding to ground contact is actually a major problem with many homes in the USA. Termites quietly build shelter tubes and then enter unseen into the structure. Once in they’ll eat the plywood sheathing and into the basement beams.

The last area that termites love would be areas where interior partition walls touch the ground. In many homes there are crack in the basement floor or the floor is dirt. Both of these situations allow termites to build shelter tubes up along the wall studs and into the basement beams.

There certainly are other areas that termites enter into basement beams, but these are the most common. Every homeowner should have a termite inspection at least once a year. Don’t take this advice at your own peril.

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