Bat in the house: What to do?

Bat in the house?  It’s a common problem that usually takes place at some very definite times of year.  If you’re having this problem it’s likely either the beginning of fall, early spring or winter. A bat in the house typically means you have bats.  It can be scary, but knowing what’s going on and what to do are half the battle.

Our company gets calls at all hours of the day and night about bats in the house, the majority are late at night.  When this happens there are several things that need to take place:

  1. Confine the bat to one room
  2. Open windows and doors to allow the bat to fly out
  3. If someone has been bit or scratched capture the bat and get it to the state virology lab ASAP

There is also a process to actually capturing a bat in the house:

  1. Get a shoe box with a top
  2. Trap the bat against a wall, but under the box
  3. Slide the top between the wall and the bat
  4. Flip the box over and tape it shut

If you’re going to do your own capture it would be advisable to wear a long sleeve shirt as well as gloves for protection.  Once the bat is in your possession you can let it go outside or if you suspect contact it should be tested the next day.

What a pest control company can do 

The last step in wrapping up this fiasco is to contact a pest control company like Envirocare Pest Control.  Not all companies are certified to take care of wildlife issues, so finding one like ours is imperative.

bat in the house
Bat guano in an attic

Envirocare Pest Control will conduct a bat inspection.  We’ll be looking for signs of bats like this pictured to the left.  The remedy for bats is to perform a full bat exclusion.

We pride ourselves on not harming the bats as they’re an important part of the ecosystem.  However, if they’re in your home at 3 am they need to go.

If you have a bat problem and need help call Envirocare Pest Control, LLC at 1-888-879-6481