How do mice get into your home?

How do mice get into your home? It’s a fair question and one that I’m asked by a lot of people.  People want to rid of mice and they want to know how they can do it themselves.  I’m happy to give advice as someday it’s possible the person may become a customer or refer someone to Envirocare Pest Control.  So, how do mice get into your home? Here’s at least one way mice get into your home as well as an interaction I had with one woman.

I was in a Watertown, CT grocery store and the woman behind me in line noticed that my jacket said pest control.  She asked if I minded answering a question.  I said I’d be happy to, so she asked “how do mice get into my home and garage”?  With a tone of sarcasm I asked “do you leave your garage or front door open”? She laughed and said no.  I then asked how old is your home? She replied 30 years old.  I then asked if she had ever checked the weatherstripping at the garage door bottom to see if it was worn and explained that this is one of the top three areas mice gain entrance into your home.  She promised she’d check as soon as she got home.  Then she added while pointing to her cart “and then I’m going to set some traps because I hate mice”.  I gave her my card with my cell number, she said she’d call if she ever needed our services.  I agreed and we said goodbye.

Today, I got this picture on my cell phone from the grocery store lady.  I promptly replied that she should call a garage door specialist to have the area repaired as it appears she just found out how the mice are getting into her home.

rodent entrance point
Worn and torn garage weatherstripping

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