Mosquito control for a party

Mosquito control for a party or event is a common service that we offer.  The reason is that nothing can ruin an outdoor party like a massive influx of mosquitoes. Envirocare Pest Control has provided mosquito control for backyard parties and events for years, but there’s a few things that you should know before you purchase any mosquito control for a backyard event.

First Mosquito and Tick Service
CT backyard tick and mosquito service

Mosquito control is just that…..control not elimination

I’ve spoken with many party planners over the years that have an unrealistic expectation of what the service can actually accomplish.  The fact is that there’s no way that any mosquito control provider can promise that you’ll have zero mosquitoes.  This request is just no possible to fulfill.

Timing is everything

Hello, my name is Mrs. Jones I need mosquito control for a party.  I’d like you to come out today and treat our yard for mosquitoes (this happens all the time).  The truth is that if we have someone to get to your home we will, but in reality that’s a long shot during the busy season for mosquito control.  Ideally when mosquito control for a party is needed you should book the appointment weeks in advance.  Typically what we like to do is provide the service about 2-3 days before your event so if it happens to rain we have time to make a reapplication or get out to your home after the rain stops.

Our spray is not all you need in many cases

Our mosquito control for parties is second to none.  However, if the event is a very important one like a wedding I’d strongly suggest setting up some discreet fans.  The reason is that mosquitoes are not very good flyers and a very light breeze going through a tent will help keep them away from this area.  It may also help to keep your guests cool.

Getting a service for backyard mosquito control is a great way to insure that your guests are the only ones eating at your party. Enjoy!!!!

If you have a mosquito problem and need help, call 1-888-879-6481.  Envirocare Pest Control can help.