CT Tick Extermination

CT tick extermination is very important.  The reason, as many of you know is that the most prevalent tick in CT is the deer tick and the deer tick is responsible for Lyme disease.

Having been the the Ct tick extermination business for so long there’s no end to the myths and fallacies that I hear on a almost daily basis during the busy CT tick extermination season of April-Oct.

The following are the most popular:

Deer Tick
A Deer Tick

Deer tick bites are obvious, you’d know if you were bitten by a deer tick!

To my knowledge there’s actually no pain involved in a tick bite event.  Scarier still many people don’t have the tell tale bulls eye rash that is so commonly associated with Lyme disease.  A good rule of thumb is that if you’re having flu like symptoms in the summer go to the doctor and get tested.  It could take several weeks before the disease takes hold.

Bitten today, sick tomorrow

This one really isn’t true.  It takes a deer tick at least 24 hours to transmit disease.  The bacteria lives in a ticks stomach and it takes this long before the disease is transferred.  By checking yourself as soon as you come in form the outdoors you decrease you chances a great deal of contracting Lyme disease.

Burning the tick off with a match or cigarette is a good way to get them off

While this is a very manly way of getting a deer tick off of yourself it probably won’t be very effective. The best tool is a pair of tweezers or other removal tools available at stores.  Follow the directions if you use a fancy tool, but in general get to the area where the mouth parts are attached and pull straight up.  Then wash the area with soap and water or preferably and alcohol based cleanser.

Ticks are a summer only problem 

Not so fast.  The deer tick has a complicated 2 year life cycle. In order for ticks to begin dying off in large numbers they’d have to be exposed to long periods of very cold weather.  Fact is that the very nature of a deer tick is to be hidden under and around protected areas.  Ticks may not be as abundant in fall, but they’re certainly not dead.

All deer ticks have Lyme disease

Many do, but many don’t.  The reason people say that all deer ticks carry disease is out of fear and with good reason.  Lyme disease is often misdiagnosed, but those that have had it know how debilitating it can be.  My advice is to treat every tick as if its infected, but just realize they’re not.

Just wearing long pants is enough protection

Its not.  Protecting yourself against deer ticks and Lyme disease involves tucking in shirts, pulling socks over the bottom of your pants and of course checking yourself and loved ones after you’ve been in tick prone areas.

CT tick extermination is serious business, protect yourself

If you’ve got a yard in CT that’s prone to ticks, call 1-888-879-6481.  Envirocare Pest Control can help.