Zika virus in CT?

Zika virus in CT?  This disease seems to be all the buzz.  In fact, it’s all we’ve heard about for the past few days and as a pest control company we’re on the front lines in the battle against the Zika virus in CT.  There seems to be no doubt that our technicians will be busy this year not only treating CT yards for mosquitoes, but educating people about the disease.  The problem is that we’re certainly not doctors and even the doctors at the CDC are learning new things about the Zika virus daily.  However, to date here’s what we do know about the Zika virus in CT.

First and foremost as of the date of this writing the Zika virus is not in CT.  There are about 33 cases in the United States, most if not all are limited to people who have traveled outside the continental United States.

The virus is mainly spread through the bites of day biting mosquitoes, but in Texas the first documented case of it being spread through sexual contact was reported.  Scientists believe that a woman was infected via the semen of a man carrying the disease.

The CDC and other world health organizations have been worried about the disease and in May the Pan American health Organization issued the first alert about the virus in Brazil.  This outbreak led to reports of Guillian-Barre syndrome and pregnant women giving birth to babies with birth defects and other poor pregnancy outcomes.

The Zika virus in CT would likely produce symptoms of rash, fever, joint pain, red eyes and muscle pain and pregnant women or those becoming pregnant are most at risk. The unfortunate part about the Zika virus in CT is that some of its symptoms at this point seem to mimic Lyme disease.  The best way to protect yourself is through common sense and prevention.

Mosquito bite prevention

  • Wear long sleeves and pants when outdoors
  • When camping outdoors use tents to sleep in or cover with blankets                                   mosquito-bite-prev
  • Use EPA approved mosquito repellents
  • Eliminate standing water where mosquitoes breed
  • Avoid mosquito prone areas

Mosquito yard sprays

Another way to protect yourself from the Zika virus in CT is to have a mosquito yard spray.  A service person should come to your home and treat all the areas that mosquitoes are normally found once per month with an approved insecticide.  It should be understood that not every mosquito will be gone, rather it’s just another tool to use to keep yourself safe.  

Last, remember as of this writing the Zika virus in CT may or may not become a problem, but we should all be prepared.  Stay tuned……

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