Mosquitoes can ruin a party

Mosquitoes are a real pain in the backside.  There are many people that are unaware that there’s actually a service that can help knock down the number of mosquitoes that ruin backyard enjoyment.

When a company like Envirocare Pest Control provides a mosquito control service we’re attempting to exterminate breeding adults.  Our service people will use a high powered mist blower to treat the following adult daytime resting areas.

  • Yard perimeter
  • Dense vegetation
  • Under decks
  • Shady areas
  • Tree bark and low hanging leaves
  • House eaves

This service works quite well and it will make your back yard enjoyable again for evening entertainment, special events and holidays.

It used to be that people depended in messy body sprays, candles and CO2 monitors. Our option is better.  We’re out of sight and out of mind.

The materials we use are all labeled for the residential market and are in almost all cases odorless.

Mosquito Facts

  • Only the females bite
  • Are responsible for many diseases
  • Eggs, larva and nymphs of many species are related to standing water
  • Can fly great lengths
  • Breed in both salt and fresh water
  • Are mainly active at night and dusk

If you have a mosquito problem and require service, call Envirocare Pest Control at 1-888-879-6481.  Our tick and mosquito programs are second to none.