Ants In Kitchen

Ants in a kitchen are a very common complaint.  One of the more common ants that we deal with as a pest control provider in CT is pavement ants. The pavement ant is very common in basements as well as buildings on slab and of course kitchens.  Everyone has seen a pavement ant. They’re the same ant that builds little mounds of dirt in sidewalk cracks in the summer.

Pavement ants are a particular problem in kitchen settings of restaurants and schools.  The reason is that these areas tend to contain crumbs of food that the ant will readily feed upon.  Also, to make the situation more difficult, the use of pesticides is discouraged in these areas.

Since a liquid pesticide is discouraged from being used inside restaurants and schools any inspection provided will need to start outside.  Many times especially in the summer months these ants can be found foraging from the outside into the building.  Some of the ants’ common entrance points are as follows:

  • Weep holes between bricks
  • Cracks in walls
  • Gaps between building additions
  • Gaps between door frames and the outside

In order to stop pavement ants from entering a structure it’s recommended that the area where they’re gaining access be treated directly.  Also, as often times is the case pavement ant colonies can be found directly below where they’re gaining access.

Treatment of a pavement ant colony outside involves one of two methods 1) mound drenching 2) granular baits.  Which method to choose depends on the situation.  For example, ants at a school is not likely to be a good candidate for mound drenching with a liquid pesticide.  In this case a granular bait is more apt to be the best solution.  It may take longer, but eventually it will work.

As for the interior of a building that has pavement ants in a kitchen or else where within the building the best method of application is going to be gel baits.  Modern day gel baits come in different forms that mimic food types that a particular ant may be attracted to (i.e grease feeders).  Placing gel baits in small quantities along the areas where the ants are foraging will increase the likelihood of the ants picking up the product.  Once the ants begin to feed they’ll bring the product back to the colony and feed it to other members.  This method may take longer, but it’s extremely effective and will work over time.

Ants in a kitchen can be annoying but it’s a common problem in both residential and commercial structures.  If you have ants, calling a professional right away may reduce the amount of time that you have to live with the annoyance of sharing your meals with uninvited guests.

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