Organic Tick Control: Will it work?

Organic tick control seems to be something that everyone wants.  As a tick control provider in Connecticut Envirocare Pest Control does provide this type of service.  However, there are some things that you’ll need to be aware of before making the choice between an organic product and a synthetic pesticide.

Your Choice

Tick management, tick control, tick extermination, organic tick control and tick removal are some of the most common words that people use to search for a service that can provide tick control on their property.  The phrase not many people use is “what’s the best tick control option”. The reason is that people want less pesticide applied on their property (which I get), but they also want the “best tick control”.

Here’s why

Organic tick control as well as tick management with a true pesticide are provided in the exact same manner.  The perimeter of your yard and tick prone areas are treated with either a high powered mist or water that carries the product to it’s intended target.   Once the product is dry and during the actual application both products will kill pests and leave your yard with less pests than you had before.  This is a proven fact.

However, how long will the residual of the product continue to provide protection?  This is the most important question.

Most homeowners choose products based upon what they perceive as being the safest option, but rarely do service providers give them the true details of what actually is happening.  After all a sale is a sale, right? Wrong!

Here are the facts

The most popular organic tick control product is made of essential oils.  The product acts upon octopamine inhibitors.  Since mammals don’t have octopamine inhibitors they’re unaffected by the products.  The only organisms effected are insects.  The residual of these type of products is not very long.  This means that infected ticks can be re-introduced back into your yard

The most popular synthetic pesticides act upon the central nervous system and yes they’re extremely bad for all mammals and insects alike. The question is how bad?  All pesticides are at their most dangerous when they’re in their concentrated form.  The homeowner is not likely to to be exposed to the concentrate as the very act of applying a pesticide means that the product is in it’s diluted form.  The person most at risk is the mixer of the product.  This risk is managed and negated by personal protective equipment, training and professionalism.  All of which the technicians at Envirocare Pest Control have.

Once the product is dry re-entry into the area is safe.  All of this is factual and can be found on the manufacturers label.

As for the residual of synthetic products, it’s reasonable to expect 30-60 days of true protection.  During this time you should expect about 75%-85% control.

What’s right for you?

The intention of this post is not to steer you in either direction.  The intention is for you to have the correct information.  Which product you have a service provider use is up to you.

Currently we have many customers that use our organic tick control option and love it.  We have others that have tried it and found they wanted more protection and switched to a product that we use called bifenthrin.

Last, i would be remiss if I didn’t tell you there are occasions when there isn’t an option of which product to use.  A perfect example would be if you live on or near a lake.  For these properties we typically will recommend that an organic product be used.  The octopamine inhibitors are specifically labelled for use around water.  Its great to have this option.  Often in the past we turned down “water accounts”, now we feel very comfortable in servicing the homes we do have that are on water.

In the end it’s your choice.

Envirocare Pest Control is based in Watertown, CT we’re a full service pest control company with particular expertise in tick and mosquito management.  For question, please call 1-888-879-6481