Bat extermination

Needing a bat extermination like this home in Wolcott, CT  is a bit misleading as Envirocare Pest Control goes out of our way NOT to hurt bats while we perform bat exclusions.

Bats are vital to the ecosystem and need to be protected as much as possible.  That’s why when we perform a bat exclusion in Wolcott, CT on this home in the spring we’re going to re-install this stone so that a permanent repair takes place.

Currently, there are numerous bats living in this man made hole (evidently for a movie sound system inside) on the front porch of this customers home.

According to the customer they can see the bats emerge from the hole and tried everything to evict them to no avail before they called us.

We’ll be performing our work this spring before May 15 so that we have no chance of trapping any young bats in the home.


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