Termite Inspection: We never know what we’ll find

During a termite inspection today in Fairfield, CT  I found signs of termites and termite damage, under a rug!!!!.

As seen in this photo it appears as though the termites were able to get cellulose from the rug backing.  In order to provide a termite treatment to this home it will be necessary for us to lift the rug and drill the concrete floor every 12″ and apply a liquid termiticide like Termidor.

Termite mud tube from under a rug
Termite mud tube from under a rug

The termites are coming from an expansion crack that formed in the slab beneath the rug. After this treatment the homeowners will be removing the rug and replacing it with a brand new one.

We’re scheduled to do the treatment soon.

I never do know what I’ll find!!!!!!!!!!!!

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