Mice in the house

There’s mice outside and when the weather is cold they’ll want to get in.  We recently provided rodent control services at a home in Woodbury, CT that had mice in the house.  The homeowner found out first hand how many mice one Envirocare Pest Control technician can remove in a short period of time.  (The record is actually 15)

The catch you see here was from a very small crawl space.  We set out the mouse traps on a Tuesday afternoon and returned on a Wednesday morning at the owners request.  As you can see we were able to stop some mice in the house from taking up permanent residence in this families home.

Mice in the house


Mice are prolific breeders and it doesn’t take many mice in the hosue to have a rodent population get out of hand.

These particular mice were caught with no bait.  The traps were placed in opportune areas where mice were likely to have access and their curiosity did the rest.  

If you have a mouse or pest problem in Woodbury, CT or any of the surrounding towns, call Envirocare Pest Control at 203-263-6915.  We can help.