Black ants: Southbury, CT

In Southbury, CT black ants and big black ants are common.  People call all the time and say ” we have black ants, but they’re not carpenter ants”

Our answer to this statement is always the same. I’m sorry to inform you of this, but yes they are. After the initial shock we explain ourselves to the homeowner.

Envirocare Pest Control is located in CT. We provide services to areas like Woodbury and Southbury, CT. In these towns carpenter ants and black ants are a big problem. It’s very rural with many trees which are both living and dead. In other words, it’s heaven for carpenter ants.

The words black ant and carpenter ant are interchangeable to Connecticut homeowners. The only other truly black ant in our area is the little black ant (that’s the technical name). This ant is only 1/16“-1/8” and could never be mistaken for a carpenter ant.

In our service area there are only a few different kind of ants beside the little black ant. Of the ants we do have none are as large as the carpenter ant.

It must also be remembered that carpenter ants are polymorphic (means different sizes) and that ants form an initial brood may appear to be very small, but yet still larger than all the other ants we have.
Big Black Ant and Black Ant Identification

Carpenter ants or (big black ants and black ants as they’re called) are not only identified by size. They’re also identified by color, number of nodes, antennae size, etc.

For the homeowner many of these identification techniques are useless.

Use this rule of thumb.

If you see ants within your home that are as big or bigger than a single grain of rice; there’s a strong likely hood that it’s are carpenter ant.

If you suspect you have black ants, call Envirocare Pest Control at 1-888-879-6481. We can help