Bed Bug Mattress Covers: A Right Way And A Wrong Way

So, as a pest control company that does a fair amount of bed bug work we see people who are so desperate to get rid of the bugs they listen to people that aren’t experts in the field.  For instance,  I was in Waterbury, CT today looking at an apartment building to confirm the presence of bed bugs.  The people in one apartment were so desperate to get a good nights sleep that they wrapped their mattress in plastic and taped it with painters tape.  I asked them who told them this would work and the response was… their uncle.

Bed bug mattress cover?
Bed bug mattress cover?

Well, it turns out that their uncle was way off.

There are professional bed bug mattress covers that are made for each individual size bed. They’re not only for wrapping the mattress but also the box spring.

When installed properly, they’ll keep bed bugs out.  If there is even the smallest tear the bed bugs will find it and get in.  That’s a promise.

The tenant in this Waterbury apartment was able to get professional advice about their situation and were on their way to the store when I was leaving.

Bed bug mattress covers can be purchased from Envirocare Pest Control in bulk or ordered individually online and in area stores.

It’s bad enough that some people end up with bed bugs but to listen to the advice of a non professional just adds insult to injury.  In most cases a reputable company like Envirocare Pest Control will gladly give free advice if asked.

If you have a bed bug problem and live in Bridgeport, Meriden, Waterbury, or Danbury,  call Envirocare Pest Control, LLC we’d be glad to help.