Rodent droppings are full of disease

safety equipment

Rodent droppings are full of disease carrying pathogens.  In order to protect your family from these diseases and rodent droppings we recommend removing insulation that is soaked with rodent urine and rodent droppings.  Envirocare Pest Control has developed a unique system of cleaning up after rodents in attics, crawls spaces and basements.

Here’s our process:

First, as you can see from the attached picture we insist our service people be outfitted with all the correct equipment.  In fact, everyone on our staff has undergone special training by a third party so that they know how to work safe around rodent droppings

Second, we remove the soiled insulation, bag the contaminated material and properly dispose of it.

Next, we disinfect all the areas where rodent droppings have fallen and clean up the remaining droppings by hand.

Last, we mechanically install fire rated foam board insulation on the foundation walls and at the rim joist area.  This process stops rodents from living in the insulation, moves your thermal barrier to the outside perimeter wall where it belongs and seals the basement from future rodent invasion.

To be sure this is the most complete rodent cleanup procedure in the Woodbury, Southbury, Newtown and the Brookfield Ct area.