Crawl Space Encapsulation

Roxbury Crawl Space

I’ve been in and out of all sorts of crawl spaces for the better part of 20 years.  Over this period of time I’ve seen just about everything.  Today I stand humbled and corrected.  The picture you see is of a CT crawl space that had a residual odor from moisture, rodents and soaked insulation.  The homeowner spread lime throughout the crawl in an attempt to make the smell go away.  The crawl space is about 800 sq ft and there is not one section of it that doesn’t have lime in it.  This includes the floor, ceiling and all the utilities.  This is one crawl space we can’t fix just yet.   We’re unsure if the lime will effect our workers and we’re not willing to take the chance of exposure to this amount of lime.

Hopefully in the future enough of the lime will have been absorbed by the moisture in the crawl space so that we can get to work.

If you have a dirt crawl space with an odor, insufficient insulation and moisture issues,  call Envirocare Pest Control, LLC we can help.  1-888-879-6481