Termites Information

Remember when your purchasing a home it’s important to have a termite inspection.  We received a call from a new homeowner last week that was instructed by a family member prior to their inspection that there are very few homes in Connecticut that have termites.  The home inspector tried unsuccessfully to change their mind, but they refused the termite inspection and since it wasn’t an FHA loan, it wasn’t required.  They saved a whopping $75.00.

Unfortunately for this young couple the advice they’d taken was wrong.  Connecticut has a heavy to moderate amount of termite activity.  Also, the town that they purchased in is a known “termite town” to industry veterans.  It sounds funny, but ask any termite exterminator if they can name the towns in their area that have termites and I bet you get a list of 5-10 towns.

As the remodel started, this couple was shocked to find out they had live termites in a wall and were even more shocked to find the amount of termite damage that existed within the walls.

Envirocare Pest Control, LLC was referred by the contractor to do an inspection.  Upon arrival it was obvious they had termites.

We gave a free termite estimate of $1,200 plus tax to rid the home of termites. We included a 2 year warranty that they could could renew on the third year and every year thereafter for the life of the property.  Our warranty can also be passed on to a new owner and no additional charge.  The couple thought the treatment would be more, but this is an average price for termite treatments in Ct.

The real shock for them was the amount of termite damage.  The contractor estimated that it would cost an additional $4000 to repair.

Now in fairness to everyone, I have to add that the damage was all hidden until the walls were opened.  There was some evidence of termites in the basement, but since termites are cryptic by nature the extent any termite problem is not always known.  In some cases opening walls is advisable, but in most cases it’s unnecessary.  This home just happened to be older and need of a full remodel anyhow.

Luckily for this couple they had the funds to repair the damage, however they did learn a very important lesson.  Take the advice of professionals with experience, have a termite inspection and make educated choices.

If you have a termite problem anywhere in Connecticut Envirocare Pest Control, LLC can provide the inspection services that you need.