Exterior Service During Rain or Snow?

Well, today is February 8, 2013 and we’re on the front end of an impending blizzard. So I figured I would answer a question that comes up a great deal regarding exterior applications of repellents and/or pesticides. The question is. Can the products be applied while it’s snowing/or after a rain storm and will it be effective? The answer is yes.

The rodent repellent that we use is an all natural product and unlike most pesticides there are no restrictions about when the product can be applied. Which brings to the forefront another question. When can pesticides be applied around the exterior perimeter of a home?

Most people are of the opinion that unless it’s warm and sunny then a product will be “watered down”. However, the truth is different. Unless it’s raining at the time of the application or there is standing water, then a treatment may go forward with no effect on the residual of the product. The products we use are going to work regardless of whether it’s 40 degrees or 90 degrees. The reason is that your foundation is usually dry and the products we use dry onto the concrete very shortly after the application.

This post was meant to be short and sweet. I need to get home and batten down the hatches for 2’of snow. Not exactly pest control weather. Maybe I’ll hibernate until spring.

P.S You should know the rules are very different for termite control. I’ll cover this on a different post.