Jonathan (and a helper, John) just cleaned my ductwork on Feb 19th. I am very pleased with their service. Jonathan also installed the mouse barrier system on my home a few years back. He is very conscientious. The entire company cares about doing a good job for their customers. I took this photo of his camera/scope after the job was complete (the date on their camera is not correct). As you can see, it's perfectly clean.

Nature Lover Avatar Nature Lover
February 22, 2024

Outstanding professional service. Just wanted to add from last year's review that Daniel has done excellent work for us (always on time, polite and effective)!

Vincent Casey Avatar Vincent Casey
February 9, 2024

Daniel is careful and thorough in his program. I appreciate the followup calls after each visit. Our house is managed well bc of his care.

Julie Friedman Avatar Julie Friedman
December 11, 2023

Dave is a knowledgeable, courteous professional. He's visited our home twice. Both times, he listened to our concerns and explained his pest control strategy. I highly recommend him.

Brian Koonz Avatar Brian Koonz
November 17, 2023

Jonathan is the best Exterminator I have ever worked with. He has a passion to get rid of bugs and other pests. He does what he has to do to make sure the problem is solved. First visit is quite extensive and effective. Recurring treatments as necessary. The situation is resolved in a few months. Envirocare is a Great company to deal with and very cooperative. Highly recommend them.

Rick Macri, Sr Avatar Rick Macri, Sr
November 15, 2023

Michael was very knowledgeable and thorough. He took his time to explain the process and what he was using to control the pests (mice, ants, etc). This was our quarterly service and I highly recommend Michael and Enviropest.

Wendy Lawner Avatar Wendy Lawner
October 16, 2023

Michael is the best! He has been to service our house numerous times, and is extremely thorough and committed to alleviating any issues we are having. You can tell how dedicated he is to doing the best possible job. We always hope to have him for our quarterly service. Thank you, Michael!

Jessica Soodek Avatar Jessica Soodek
October 13, 2023

I have been with Envirocare for quite sometime now. I transferred my services to my new house and again have been beyond pleased with my experience. Technician Michael has been coming to our house since the beginning and I always find his services professional, informative and friendly. Micheal provides me with tips, knowledge and directions on how to keep unwanted creatures out of my home especially my new one. Micheal knows each family member and treats everyone kindly and courteously. He is truly a genuine, kind, and hardworking individual that stands out considerably. We always feel affirmed and listening to when Michael comes and also just genuinely enjoy his visits. I’m pleased to recommend Envirocare and Michael.

Rachel K Avatar Rachel K
September 27, 2023

So far the service is great. Had a problem with yellowjackets getting into the house, called Envirocare and they were here the next day at exactly 9:00. Our technician Michael was fantastic - did a thorough inspection, explained exactly what he was doing and extremely polite and professional. Will monitor the bee problem for a few days and update if there were any issues.

Joseph Mendicino Avatar Joseph Mendicino
September 26, 2023

Mike G came out today to remove a white faced hornets nest. He was very friendly and knowledgeable. He explained what he was going to do and why. He also made sure to explain the precautions I should take over the next 24 hours because they are very aggressive. He did a great job. Quick and efficient. Thank you Mike!

Amy Quinnan Avatar Amy Quinnan
September 22, 2023

First, i must start with when I first called to inquire about services after speaking to many other companies. I felt comfortable, and pricing is manageable. Jim came to my home and was so professional and knowledgeable. He explained everything in detail to my understanding. Especially being a first-time home buyer, this is all new to me. Can't express how happy I am that I can finally use my front door to exit and enter without the fear of being attacked by wasp. Thank you Jim.

Samantha Nieves Avatar Samantha Nieves
September 16, 2023

Dan arrived ahead of schedule; which was perfect. He explained everything and set my mind at ease. I’m deathly afraid of mice and I feel a little better after his visit.

Corvina Hairston Avatar Corvina Hairston
September 12, 2023

I just wanted to take the time to share my experience with Phil! AMAZING!!! He is very meticulous and thorough. I was very adamant about wearing booties in my house, he also arrived right on time. Super punctual and professional. Great job! I am so glad I chose ENVIROCARE and they sent Phil! Thank you for the great service and asking what else needed to be done. Great communication and I am very happy... Thank you Phil!

joanna zalusky Avatar joanna zalusky
August 31, 2023

Dave does a great job. He is always very responsive. Whenever we have any issues, he takes care of it immediately. Very nice and courteous and professional.

Pam Srinivasan Avatar Pam Srinivasan
August 22, 2023

The smiling face of Anthony is contagious. I cannot help, but smile back and have a kind hello in return. He is helpful, thorough and communicates clearly every time without fail. So glad he is a team member of envirocare! Great job!

Rose M Loya Avatar Rose M Loya
August 10, 2023

Tom was a pleasure to work with. The few Cicadas that were around are gone. Tom really knows what to do and I'm glad I went with this company. You have my business for sure! Thank you for a job well done!!

Tim Whitton Avatar Tim Whitton
August 4, 2023

Joe did a great job. I had a few questions about an insect that I see around the outside once in a while and he was very helpful in letting me know what they were and that the particular insect is harmless and actually good for the environment. I also had a few problem areas with ants and he was helpful with that as well. Great job, Joe!

cheryl dasilva Avatar cheryl dasilva
August 1, 2023

John W was great and accommodating especially sine I did not know I was scheduled form service today. I was on my deck in a zoom class when he came so he offered to come back later in the day and perform the service. So great! A big thank you. Cj

WOW Fall Fest Trucks Avatar WOW Fall Fest Trucks
August 1, 2023

We were having a BIG problem with rats outside & in our basement. Dan came out and assessed the situation in a professional manner. He gave us tips to help with getting rid of them along with traps & bate boxes. When he recently came back for the second follow up, the problem was at a minimum. The speed at which we eliminated the problem is a credit to his expert advise and effectiveness of the treatment.

Michael Malfitano Avatar Michael Malfitano
July 25, 2023

Dan our tech was very knowledgeable and personable. We were very pleased with his service. We had the start of sugar ants and he eliminated them.

Rose Frenkel Avatar Rose Frenkel
July 7, 2023