Tick Treatment in Newtown, CT

Much like the towns surrounding Newtown, CT, deer ticks are very prevalent. The reason is due to the numerous wooded areas as well as the ample feeding grounds presented to hosts such as the white tail deer, squirrels, and the white footed mouse.

Deer Tick Yard Treatments

A treatment for deer ticks is a good idea for homeowners in Newtown, CT. The town is populated with many young families and the very young are susceptible to Lyme Disease which is carried and spread from the nymph stage tick.

A deer tick or black legged tick yard treatment needs to be thorough in order to be effective. There are a variety of areas that need to be treated in order for the treatment to be considered effective. The most commonly treated areas are as follows:

  • Long grass areas
  • The transition area between manicured grass and the woods
  • Stone walls
  • Near wood piles (but not the wood pile itself)
  • Flower beds
  • Leaf litter

There certainly can be more areas, but all treatable areas will likely concentrate around places that are cool and dry. A common misconception about ticks is that the entire lawn must be treated. There is no current evidence that we know to suggest that open, sunny areas will contain enough ticks to warrant the application of an insecticide.

What is the Best Product to Treat Ticks?

There are many products labeled to treat ticks. However, Envirocare Pest Control uses two products that seem to be particularly effective against the spread of nymphs and adults. Our company uses Talstar, which is a labeled insecticide, and an organic product called Essentria IC3.

Are Ticks Treatments Safe?

Treatment with any pesticide should never be labeled as “safe” as pesticides are obviously meant to kill the organism for which it is being applied. With that said it should be understood that the safety of any product exists when the product is applied according to the label directions by a certified applicator.

All pesticide labels outline for the operator the where, when and how of each product. Deviation from the label directions is when a product is could be deemed unsafe. If however all label directions are followed as well as all precautions after the service, there should be no reason why an application should not take place.

Will I See Ticks If I Have a Tick Service?

Yes, no matter what company provide your tick management service you will not get 100% control. The homeowner should expect approximately 75%-85% control. Even if you have pest control service it does not negate the need for regular tick checks.

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