Termite Treatment in Bristol, CT

Termite exterminating companies have been finding termites in Bristol, CT homes for many years. The termite problems in Bristol are well documented and homeowners need to be aware of how a termite treatment takes place so that they can make an informed decision about who to choose.

Termite Control Services You Can Count On

Envirocare Pest Control, LLC has been protecting Connecticut homes and businesses for years from the most feared insect in our area. Termites are known to cause billions of dollars worth of damage per year to homes, yet insurance doesn’t cover the cost of repairs or treatment.

Trusted Connecticut Termite Inspections

Most homeowners have no idea what to look for when inspecting a home for termites. That’s why Envirocare Pest Control offers free termite inspections as well as free quotes after a phone consultation with a state certified expert.

Our inspectors have completed well over 10,000 inspections. We know the right questions to ask and – most of all – we know where to look for termites.

Fast-Acting Termite Control

Envirocare Pest Control, LLC uses only the most effective products and treatments when protecting your home or business from termites. We also tailor our treatment to each specific home so that you get the quickest, most effective treatment possible. Our termite service programs include:

  • An initial inspection: This inspection is a written record of where there is termite activity in your home and is vital to the treatment process.
  • Application of a liquid material or baiting treatment: This is where we quickly and efficiently stop termites from further destroying your property.
  • Yearly Termite Inspections: After your home has been protected, we offer a yearly warranty that can be renewed for the life of the property.

A Local Termite Exterminator You Can Trust

Envirocare Pest Control, LLC is committed to offering quality services. We value honesty and integrity. We will only recommend services that we feel are truly needed. Your business is important to us.

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