Termite Treatment in Fairfield, CT

I can honestly tell you that if your home is older than 15 years and you live in Fairfield or Trumbull, CT there’s a better-than-average chance that you may have termites. It’s a well-documented fact in the pest control industry that Fairfield County has a high concentration of termites in Connecticut.

What is a Termite Colony Comprised Of?

In Connecticut termite colonies are made up of thousands of termites that live in the soil. A termite colony’s behavior can be complex, but within a termite colony there are specific members that each have their own function. They are:

  • Kings and Queens: Sole purpose is reproduction
  • Reproductives: Grows the colony through reproduction or splits off through swarming to start another colony
  • Workers: Responsible for food gathering and grooming of nymphal stage termites
  • Soldiers: Responsible for protecting the colony from predators such as ants

What is the Most Important Part of a Termite Colony?

Without question the most important caste of a termite colony are the workers. Workers are responsible of the gathering of food and spreading the food to the other members of the colony. If it were not for the workers a termite colony would cease to exist. These worker termites are solely responsible for ALL the damage that termites cause.

How Do Termite Workers Gather Food?

The food that workers gather is cellulose. Cellulose is actually wood and wood by-products such as paper, drywall, wood framing etc. Worker termites feed on the wood and them break the wood down in their gut with the help of a microorganism called a protozoa. The cellulose is then regurgitated to the other members in the colony.

How Will I Know If I Have Termites?

Termites leave telltale signs of their existence within a home and while every home is different, typically the at least one of the following will exist somewhere within the home.

  • Termite shelter tubes
  • Damaged wood with “mud” inside
  • Swarming termite reproductives

What Should I Do If I Suspect That I May Have Termites

First, have a termite inspection every year. Many termite problems can be stopped before the problem gets out of hand. Only a trained termite inspector is going to know where and what to look for. Often homeowners have termites and do nothing about it simply because they didn’t know.

The cost for a termite inspection is typically free so there is no need to put off having one.

What If My Home Was Already Treated?

Sorry to say that even if your home was treated it does not mean that you don’t have termites. In the pest control industry we are trying to outsmart a living thing that has been around for millions of years. I’m sure that whomever you used for a termite service did a great job, but after the termite treatment, yearly inspections should be performed to be sure that the termites are still gone. Many things can go wrong with a termite treatment that will only be apparent during the next season – it can take that long to know if termites are truly gone.

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