Tasha’s Tips for Pest-Free Living


“I may be just a puppy, but I’ve learned plenty about keeping homes pest-free. Here are some suggestions for keeping pests outside where they belong.” –Tasha


Nothing ruins my time outside quite like mosquitoes. Here are my tips for keeping the buzzing to a minimum.

  • Keep your gutters clean as this is a perfect area for mosquitoes to breed.
  • Prevent standing water in containers and toys that are left in the yard after it rains.
  • Fill depressions in your lawn that regularly fill with water.
  • Mosquitoes spend their daytime hours in shady areas. Prevent shade by trimming and mowing overgrown areas of your yard.
  • Rake leaves. Even a small amount of water caught by leaves can be a breeding area.
  • Have my humans at Envirocare treat your yard from April to October. Your children and pets can return to the yard as soon as the product is dry.


Ticks carry Lyme disease, and it’s not just humans that can acquire this disease – pets are at risk too! Keep your yard tick free with these tips:

  • Keep your yard perimeter and areas the kids and I like to in play neatly trimmed.
  • Install a “tick free zone” at the yard perimeter with stone.
  • Do tick checks on the entire family, including the dog, after outdoor activities.
  • Have your yard regularly treated by my humans. They can do it safely.

Carpenter Ants

Chasing ants is great fun for me, but having them in your home is a real danger. Keep ants at bay with these simple tips.

  • Trim touching tree branches from your home.
  • Prevent water damage. Carpenter ants love water damage almost as much as I love treats.
  • Prevent siding from touching the ground.
  • Leave firewood outside.
  • Prevent, prevent, prevent with regular inspections and our quarterly service program.


I have accidents because I’m still a puppy, but mice purposely leave their droppings everywhere! These tips can prevent mice from destroying your home.

  • Trim outside vegetation.
  • Make sure your garage weather seal is tight to the ground.
  • Seal around holes from utility entrances to prevent rodent entry.
  • Close doors when not in use, especially the garage door.


When I was teething I chewed on wood, but termites actually eat wood. Protect your investment now.

  • Prevent wood to ground contact.
  • When adding mulch to flower beds, don’t bury the siding.
  • Have an annual termite inspection.

Those are the most common ways to prevent pests from ruining your day. If you ever have questions you can always call the office and talk to my humans. They’re always glad to help when they can.

Don’t let your home go to the dogs! Call Envirocare Pest Control, LLC.

Best Wishes,